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This Notion template will help you to have control of your cryptocurrency assets to know how they are performing, how much do you host, and do even do some predictions based on the change of the price of the assets.

What's Inside

It provides the following capabilities.

  • Cryptocurrency Asset Tracker to Allow to Fill with the different transactions you do for different cryptos.
  • More than 10+ Cryptocurrencies already populated including the Top 10 based on the capital market.
  • Metrics regarding the amount of money spent with and without fees and also the Gain/Loss at a specific moment.
  • Easy way to know your gain/loss per year to help with your tax process if that is required in your country.

Who This Is For

  • Anyone that has any investment in Crypto and wants to keep track of it.
  • Crypto owners that want to know how much taxes they need to pay based on the gain


  • What currency is used at the template?
    • Currently, the template is provided by default in US Dollars (USD) but it can be easily changed to any currency supported by the Notion app.
  • What cryptos are already populated?
    • The top 10 cryptocurrencies + Algorand are populated by default using its main name and you can add any other alt-coins that you could keep track of.
  • How the Gain/Loss is calculated?
    • Each of the transactions has a field with the current value that you need to update with the current value of each of the crypto assets. To ease that path the following procedure is recommended.
      • Go to the Transactions by Crypto View where all the transactions are grouped by Crypto
      • Introduce the current value manual for the first transaction with each cryptocurrency
      • Use the Auto-Fille capability (more details here) to populate all the other transactions automatically
      • Use the total row at the bottom to see your Gain/Loss at this specific moment.
      • The last edited time is provided to know when the current value has been provided so you always how old the price is

Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail

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Crypto Protfolio Tracker Notion Template

0 ratings
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